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The Impact of Passing On A Job Offer

Last Update Oct 08, 2021

The job market is dramatically changed in 2020 due to the novel coronavirus. The pandemic has taken out many people’s jobs, leaving them to look for opportunities in the market. What made the situation worse is the declining economy, due to which the total unemployment rate has reached 7.9.

Should you pass on a job offer in this crisis? Can passing a job offer hurt your career?

The current circumstances would not recommend to anybody to pass on a job offer. However, some candidates pass on a job offer to hold a good job opportunity better than the previous one. The only essential aspect to analyze the reasons for which people pass on a job offer.

What if the job offer is a downgrade?

There are several situations when job candidates realize that the current job offer is a downgrade to their position and pay. Will they accept the job offer or pass on? Unemployment is undoubtedly one of the critical aspects of our current economy; however, it does not mean you should accept the downgrade job offer.

It is better to pass on a job offer that downgrades your position, knowledge, and pay. If you accept that offer, you may lose your confidence and dignity to some extent. 

What if you have multiple job offers?

You can judge a better opportunity for yourself. When having more than one job opportunity in hand, you should not delay in deciding the best job opportunity. In this case, passing on a one job offer is recommended; however, the earliest you can convey the message to the HR is better.

What if you are laid off due to a pandemic?

Undoubtedly, several companies have chosen layoffs as one of the modes of cost-cutting and saving their business in this pandemic. If you have lost your job due to the pandemic, you should not pass on any job offer. You may get the job offer with low pay and below your previous designations. You can still manage the job for a few months while looking for an opportunity matching your requirements. Sometimes your talent will speak for itself in the workplace.

Will the situation be normalized?

Yes, when the pandemic hit the world, the unemployment rate was 14, which has reduced to 7.9. We are continuously recovering collectively. However, the recovery is inevitable but will take time for sure. Therefore, while we are moving back to the growth track, we all need to examine our available options to stay afloat in the economy.

Don’t hope for the best, Work For The Best.

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