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Let’s Fight The Job Search Stress Together

Last Update Oct 08, 2021

The current situation is uncertain for everyone. The pandemic continues to jolt the entire world, and nobody is exempted from its impact. If we talk about the labor market, it is one of the heavily hit industries. Enterprises resorted to job cuts as one of the measures to survive during the pandemic. This resulted in massive job loss, causing frustration and anxiety among job seekers.

You are not alone in this; we all are together. Together we can bust the job search stress. Let’s start with some best practices for busting the job search stress.

Here are the burning facts of this grave situation:

Depression rates are much higher for people who have been unemployed for more than a year. (Source:

Unemployed individuals are three times more likely to abuse alcohol. (Source: )

Not All Companies are Firing; Some Are Still Hiring

Searching for a job is a full-time job itself. During this pandemic, the stress level is high to get your dream job. Some organizations are still hiring. Health and Technology sector is doing good in this pandemic; thus, they need more human power to match with the surge demands.

Your Daily Plan of Action

As you had a schedule of everything when you had a job, similarly, you should have a daily plan of action for the job search. People who do not take Job Search seriously get frustrated first.

You can start with some small and realistic goals for each day: Send 10 Resumes, learning new skills, working on a resume, etc.

Build Your Network (Offline and Online)

Nothing can beat the importance of Networking when it comes to getting the best job. This is the best time to explore and build your network. Make sure there are two ways of building your network p Offline and Online. Here you need to work on both categories. Both options have their benefits. You can connect with similar profile people on LinkedIn, one o the best social media channels for employers and candidates to connect.

Learn New Skills (Online)

How Many Certifications Do You have?

Utilizing time is the art of an intelligent person. Learning new skills online and getting certified is the new trend among professionals. Whether you are jobless or not, earning certification from the reputed online source provider is the trend you should be part of. This is the way to improve your chances of getting placed.

Rejections Are The Part of Job Search

Do not take rejections of job applications personally. Rejections are an integral part of a job search process. If you take them too seriously, you will surrender yourself to anxiety and frustration easily. Be assured there is the best-suited job waiting for you.

Work on Your Resume

You got the time to work on your skills as well as on your resume. As we heard, resumes are the text versions of your professional journey. Would not you love to spruce it up? You can take help from the experts to work on your resume.

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