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Never Underestimate The Power of Human Touch

Last Update Oct 08, 2021

“Staffing Is All About People Business”

We have seen employers laying off during the COVID19, but as the economy opens, we can expect a wave of demand for the workforce to match the clients’ requirements. Businesses are starting to put everything to regain what they lost during the shutdown. The workforce is the biggest asset that a company has and lean on for growth. No matter how advanced technology we use, we cannot replace the human touch.

Here is how staffing agencies can make the difference and maximize the impact in the economy

Stay connected with your consultants:

Let your consultants know that you are putting all efforts to place them back as soon as possible. Let them know that you care for them; reach out to them with compassion and ingenuity. This is the time when our consultants need us more. Invest more time in connecting with your consultants

and making them understand that they are top of mind.  

– Conduct a small survey asking consultants how you can support them

– Call them to ask how things are going and how they are managing

– Make them feel like a part of your family

Let The Clients Know The Value Proposition You Offer:

Before the pandemic, America’s staffing companies provide 3 million temporary and contract employees with work during an average week. Staffing companies are a valuable part of the entire ecosystem. However, sometimes businesses forget to realize our value. We need to communicate our values to the businesses. We must be ready proactively for the coming demand surge for the talents in the market. 

– Advantages you offer to your clients (Compliance, Onboarding, high-quality talent)

– The value proposition to the clients

– Success Stories of other clients

– Solutions Approach to their staffing problems

– More Than Expected (Let them know we are here to offer you more than they expect)

Connect with Old Clients:

This is the best time to start a conversation with our old clients and ask them how they are managing their businesses. Business comes later; first, you need to understand how your past clients are coping with this crisis. Let them know that you have a value proposition to help them regain their business growth. 

– During this crisis, you cannot forget to check in old clients asking how they are managing

– We need to be empathetic towards all our stakeholders (Previous and Current)

– Maybe they need us more now than earlier

– Try to be their helping hand in this crisis (Apart from your business service)

Human touch is the core of any conversation or relationship. No matter how advanced technology we are using to connect with our prospect, it will not stay long without human touch. The staffing industry is evolving with new tech for the recruiting process, but the core value should not be missing. 

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