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Hiring V/S Hiring Consciously

Last Update Oct 08, 2021

Hiring team members will help you get your task completed but hiring consciously will help you strengthen your company. Yes, recruiting and hiring consciously are two different things. It is up to you whether you want your task to get done or build a performing team to strengthen your organization.

When you hire consciously, you ensure that your hiring efforts are aligned with your organizations’ long-term goals. While hiring somebody, make sure you consider the bigger picture of your purpose.

Recruiting is not about filling the vacant positions, but it is about finding the right people aligning with your organization’s long-term goals. If you still believe hiring is filling vacant positions, you are misjudging the core purpose of recruitment. Hiring was never meant to fill the jobs; it is to build a winning team. It is all about finding the people who fit into your culture, who share companies’ objectives, and work passionately to achieve those objectives.

Hiring Strategy Should Be Aligned with Your Business Goals

It is not wise to disorganized hiring efforts to fill vacant positions. It would be best if you had a talent acquisition plan ready aligning with your company goals.

If your company is planning to enter a new market segment, you should focus on hiring people having experience in that market. You need to stay abreast of the market trends so that you can find the candidates from that market segment.

Set Clear KPIs

Have you ever thought what would be the outcome of a mismatch between expectations and reality? Employees would be disappointed and perform poorly if you set unrealistic expectations. Recruiters need to paint a realistic picture of the role and work requirements. This way, you can find the candidates who are seriously interested in the requirements, and those who are less interested will be opt-out. Set the clear KPIs for a role in starting hunting the best candidates.

Qualifications or Experience

What do you want from a candidate you are hiring? An ideal candidate is the one who gets the job done correctly. Would you hire a person having a degree from a prominent college or the one having working experience on the project you want to get done? I would say experience matters most. However, the recruiting process sometimes focuses more on qualifications rather than knowledge to get the job done.

For that, you can set clear job descriptions that determine the candidates’ actual work accomplishments. Ask the candidates to describe the achievements related to the objectives you set for the vacant role.

Cultural Fit

Several researchers found that employees aligned with companies’ missions are the best performers. You need to ensure that candidate is the right fit for your organization’s culture.  Your organizational core values must be informed to all candidates before joining so that they can get a picture of your organization’s culture. 

Two Way Road

Not everything you want should be on the table while hiring the candidates. You need to bring what candidates want from your company as well on the table. As a recruiter, you should understand the requirements of the candidates.

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