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Why is this the Best Time to Find the Best Talent?

Last Update Oct 13, 2021

The COVID-19 has reshaped enterprises, societies, and national economies in unthinkable ways. The business leaders need to strategize to move beyond the survival, towards the opportunities. Among the opportunities, finding the best talent is the opportunity for enterprises having the vision to turn problems into opportunities. 

We heard news many enterprises are reducing their workforce and downsizing. From new graduates to veterans are looking for employment. The current labor market is shifted from the candidate oriented to employer oriented. 

Is the situation all bad? Or we have some silver lining? Visionary leaders are planning for the post-crisis recovery by having the right people in the team. 

When many leaders become short-sighted during the crisis, only the visionary leaders stay calm and turn the situation into an advantage. 

During the crisis, most of the companies freeze hiring process. However, during the 2008 global financial crisis, BCG and the European Association for People Management surveyed 3,400 executives, including 90 senior HR leaders in more than 30 countries, to understand how they were reacting to the crisis. Most of them were focused on downsizing.

However, in the same survey, participants stated that hiring performing employees from the competitors was one of the most effective strategies to combat the crisis.

Moving Beyond The Survival, Towards The Opportunities

How is this situation considered a once in a lifetime hiring opportunity for the visionary leaders? Unfortunately, some companies followed one rule to save cost – downsizing.

A visionary leader can put their hands on those employees. Some of the best talents are laid off during this pandemic. What about those talents (Being Laid off Due To COVID-19)? It is the right time to consider having the best talent in your team because talent is looking for you. Enterprises can set up a task force to connect with the potential candidates from the target sections who may be either open to change or jobless.

1 – Focus on the people getting laid off or open to change from your competitors

2 – Check their professional profiles on various available platforms (Social and Job Portals)

3 – Connect with staffing agency having the pool of talent you are looking for

4 – Keep a tab on your competitor’s hiring strategy 

5 – Don’t freeze the hiring, filter the hiring process.

Staffing Agencies Have The Pool of Right Talent

Staffing agencies store the massive pool of talent to help the enterprises to find the right talent. Many candidates connect with the right agencies to find their dream job. You should not wonder in the labor market instead connect with the staffing agency, a bridge between You and the Talent. 

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