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Staffing Industry is Embedding Tech-Driven Recruiting

Last Update Oct 08, 2021

Technology has become an integral part of our daily lives. Industries across the globe are utilizing the advantage of technology to boost their operations and outreach to their prospective customers. When we talk about the staffing industry, tech-driven recruiting is something disrupting the entire market. Apart from having an applicant tracking system, many agencies have started using technology to build a candidate profile from the available public information of the candidates on the digital platform.

Now job seekers would not be asked about how to react to different scenarios instead show how to respond through virtual reality. As we know, finding a job is itself a job. When it comes to land a dream job, you must keep the technology as your best friend.

In the last five years, technology has embedded itself in the job search process. Job seekers missing technology in their process will lose to hold their dream job. We have heard many times that AI is helping recruiters and employers to make hiring decisions, but how it happens.

1 – Organizations and staffing industries are creating profiles on you (Secretly)

What is new in this? You may have heard about software that your resume for a keyword and fetch the data. However, recruiters are not only scrutinizing your resume but building a complete profile on you based on your data available on a public domain such as social profiles, awards, academic histories data uploaded on social profiles, old blogs, LinkedIn, etc.

With the help of these tools, recruiters are building a profile on you without meeting you in person. Sometimes profiles they create seem different than your resume. Employers and recruiters believe that these sources are better to tell about who you are before having an in-person meeting with you.

2 – Skill Assessments are getting more sophisticated

There is nothing new except the more intelligent algorithms used to conduct skill and personality assessments. The AI platforms will check whether a candidate is a perfect fit for the job. It is not only about skill assessment, but it also includes cultural fit.

3 – Time to show, not to tell

You have heard this question during your interviews, ‘How would you react in specific circumstances. Now the question will remain the same, but rather than answering that question, you must show how you will handle the situation. Companies are working on implementing VR to create a virtual workplace scenario. Technology is helping employers to get a clearer picture of how you will react to a given situation.

How Would You Manage To Get Your Dream Job In Tech-Driven Recruiting Era?

1 – Focus on your online presence.

What sort of content you are posting, sharing, or commenting will determine your candidature in this tech-driven recruiting era.

2 – Company Making Profile On you, You Make Profile On Company

Learn as much as you can about the prospect organization. There is a lot of data available in the public domain about the employers that you can use to learn about them. You can browse their digital assets to check their cultural environment, work ethics, employee reviews, and more.

3 – Embed the technology in your jobs search process

Believe it or not, tech-driven technology is going to stay. If you adopt this new culture, you will get your dream job.  Companies have a large number of resources at their disposal, but you also have options. There are several online skill assessment tools and career mapping resources to help you boost the job search process.

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