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How To Deal with Job-Search Stress

Last Update Mar 31, 2021

Searching for a job is a stressful activity, especially when you are unemployed for an extended period. Professionals always search for a better career move. However, there is a difference between when an employed person looks for a switch, and an unemployed person looks for a new position to start again. If an unemployed person remains unemployed for a longer period, it results in a depressed condition. Research and studies have proven that if job search continues for a more extended period, it causes anxiety and depression. 

• Depression rates are much higher for people who have been unemployed for more than a year. (Source:

• Unemployed individuals are three times more likely to abuse alcohol. (Source: )

Don’t let the stress dictate your career move. Job search stress is inevitable so are the methods to deal with them. Yes, every problem comes with a solution.

Prepare a daily routine, set some goals to achieve

Job search is a full-time job. It would help if you took this job seriously to find your dream job. As you develop a daily plan when you are at your office, you need to prepare the same plan and set goals.

A friend in need is a friend indeed (Offline and Online)

During your job search, your friends and family would be your best support. You should spend some quality time with your friends and family to reduce job search stress and burden. Moreover, some of your friends can give you references for an open position in their companies.

Jobs are for those who keep honing their skills.

During your job search period, you should spend some time developing new skills. The current market is in favor of job candidates with the latest skills in their domain. It is the best way to come close to your dream job.

Take a break to rejuvenate.

Don’t you think this is the period when you need to take a little break from your daily activities and explore the surroundings? Freshen up and rejuvenate yourself; take a break. 

Keep Exploring Options

There are plenty of online channels and job boards available to connect with the recruiters and hiring managers. You need to be persistent with your job search. As we mentioned earlier, you need to develop and stick with the job-search plan (updating resume, honing your skills, sending a cover letter with your resume, proper follow-ups, and font forget to discuss the reasons for your rejection)

Rejections are part of a healthy job search.

Don’t fall victim to job rejection because these are the testimonies of your efforts moving in the right direction. Stay confident and focus on your strengths. You can ask for the reasons for the rejections from the hiring managers.

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