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Are your Job Descriptions Scaring away the right candidates?

Last Update Oct 13, 2021

What could be the reason behind not receiving the right candidate profile? There could be plenty of reasons, but Job Descriptions are the first thing your candidates experience. As the famous saying goes, First Impression Is the Last Impression; you need to make sure that your job description reflects your company culture. Knowingly or unknowingly, your job descriptions may scare away the right talent. Yes, you need to identify the factors that make your job descriptions scary.

Don’t Make It Too Long.

Would you love to read or scrutinize a lengthy resume? In the same way, job candidates do not love to read too long job descriptions. You may believe that adding more information and requirements will scrutinize the people without having relevant experience, but lengthy job descriptions may scare away the right candidate.

Don’t Add Too Many Technical Jargons.

Adding technical jargon will not beautify your job descriptions. Make sure that you keep only the relevant points in the most accessible language. You want the right people to apply for the jobs, not scare away or open a dictionary to understand technical jargon used in job descriptions.  

What’s in it for the candidates?

Not only offering a job is enough to attract the right talent. You need to incentivize the right candidates to apply for the job. You need to give them reasons to love to apply and work for your company. Finding the best talent is not an easy job.

Headline Should Be Enticing

Your job description headline should be enticing and relevant to the post. Make it enticing, so that job candidates click and go through the descriptions properly. Everyone is looking for the right talent; you should be competitive enough to attract them first.

Description Missing Important Details of the Job

While keeping the job descriptions short and crisps, do not miss any essential details related to the job. Being unclear about the exact job expectations lead to unnecessary job details and missing the crucial details.

Don’t make a laundry list

Job descriptions should not look like a laundry list of the requirements. It should reflect your company culture. It should only have what you want and what is best about your company. Is that so hard to understand what you need for a particular post? The more you are clear about a particular job’s expectations and responsibilities, the better the job description you can develop.

 Job descriptions open the door to hiring the best talent for your company. If you lock this door, you are losing the war of talent. The right candidate is always there in the labor market; you need to attract them. Instead of making the job descriptions a scary one, you should put your efforts into making it more enticing and straightforward.

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